Carleton University’s MPM Program

The Government Relations Institute of Canada (GRIC) is pleased to endorse the Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management. This program is Canada’s first graduate degree of its kind: an intensive master’s degree designed to provide a professional foundation for individuals who aspire to leadership roles in political offices or parties, non-governmental organizations, or firms that specialize in government relations, communications, or public opinion research.

The full-time degree looks to equip its graduates with an essential grasp of democratic processes and an understanding of the institutions through which they are administered. It aims to cultivate a set of professional skills required to work as a political manager and strategist, and in the process, contribute to a more constructive kind of politics and more well-informed policy decisions.

Through a one-year course of study, students will be exposed to a range of programs in applied political skills and analysis. The degree culminates with a 10-week practicum that places students in a political office or government relations firm, where they will learn by observing and participating in the process, complementing their coursework with practical experience.

December 1, 2018

Seneca’s GR Program

Seneca’s Government Relations program is the only one of its kind in Canada. Endorsed by both GRIC and the Public Affairs Association of Canada, the program features specialized, practical, government relations courses that prepare you for a career as a government relations/public affairs professional in the dynamic public policy, political and public affairs environments.

Seneca’s Government Relations Graduate Certificate program provides the education and training that better enables you to build constructive relationships between government organizations, elected representatives, public servants and political staff at all levels of government.

The program curriculum consists of courses from Seneca’s Public Relations – Corporate Communications program as well as specialized Government Relations subjects. As a graduate, you’ll be part of select group of individuals with the formal training to set you on a successful career path in government relations and public affairs.

Prince Edward Island Lobbyists Registration Act: Overview

For PEI lobbyists, the Lobbyists Registration Act and Regulations are scheduled to come into force April 1, 2019. Read more on the Department of Justice and Public Safety webpage at

October 29, 2018

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Lobbying

The Commissioner of Lobbying Canada, Nancy Bélanger, tabled her 2017-18 Annual Report. The report covers the period of April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018, and is the first Annual Report from Commissioner Bélanger since her appointment on December 30, 2017. You can find the Commissioner’s Annual Report here:

June 7, 2018