Your membership will provide you with timely updates affecting the Canadian lobbying and public affairs industry, participation in the formulation of policy initiatives and responses to governments, and access to GRIC networking, professional development and speaking events.

Ongoing Engagement and Awareness-Building

GRIC continues to undertake an ambitious series of advocacy and outreach activities on behalf of and benefiting our membership. Highlights include:

  • Engaging extensively with the federal Commissioner of Lobbying and her office to address issues with regard to the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct. GRIC continues to advocate for rules that are simple to follow, transparent and support public policy development that is accessible to all.
  • Cultivating value-added partnerships with a broad range of organizations and industries across Canada, to bolster the advocacy being undertaken by GRIC.
  • Representing GRIC members in discussions and analysis of any future potential changes to the federal Lobbying Act.
  • Monitoring and engaging on other policy and regulatory changes regarding provincial and municipal lobbyist registries.
  • Building partnerships with other organizations engaged on these matters.
  • Ensuring GRIC members are kept apprised of important updates and changes with the potential to affect their day-to-day work as public affairs and lobbying professionals.