Information Exchange

GRIC strives to increase public understanding of the role of government relations through individual and collective educational efforts.

Who We Are


Since 1994, GRIC has been the national, not for profit association, representing both government relations and public affairs professionals from all sectors. GRIC is widely recognized by governments and other stakeholders as the authoritative voice for the government relations and public affairs community in Canada.

What We Do


GRIC's focus is on monitoring the rules and frameworks governing our profession and representing our members' interests when these are being reviewed and occasionally amended. GRIC provides updates and information to members on these advocacy activities, and verifies information and facts with regulators.

Why We Do It


Government relations and public affairs professionals facilitate the interchange of information, experience and ideas between government decision makers and those affected by their decisions. What is required of all involved is a standard of conduct that is ethical and professional.

Our Mission

The Government Relations Institute of Canada is the recognized voice of the government relations profession, serving its members through promotion and enhancement of their role in the democratic process.

Our Vision

That lobbying is recognized as a legitimate and important element of the democratic process and that government relations professionals across Canada can engage with government in an ethical and fair environment.


GRIC's Board of Directors initiated a strategic planning process to assist in refining the organization's key priorities. This process involved the input of all GRIC Members and resulted in a new Strategic Plan, which is centred around four Strategic Priorities.


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